HEATHERThe original Baby Banana Brush for toddlers was designed by Oral Hygienist, Heather Phillips RDH. Some years ago, her toddler nephew slipped whilst brushing his teeth with a common hard plastic toothbrush (some of these now have softer colourful  tips, but are still rigid and potentially dangerous).

His toothbrush pierced his palate and lodged in one of the sinus cavities, only a few millimetres from the brain. As if the seriousness of the accident was not enough, the family were rather shocked to find out from the Emergency Room staff that this type of occurrence was all too common!

This near-tragedy prompted Heather to come up with a brush that would be totally safe for even infants to use . It would also need to be effective as a plaque-remover.

After a period of  intense development, the Baby Banana Brush was born. Its slight C-shape and chunky feel makes it both easier to grasp and brush with, and its flexibility makes it very safe. It also doubles as a wonderful teether!

Soon after, the Baby Banana Brush for Toddlers was born, and then came the Octobrush, Sharky, and most recently – Cornelius!

All the Baby Banana Brush products are dishwasher-safe, and can be boiled or frozen for disinfecting.


Baby Banana Brush products are imported by Exceptional Health, based in Buccleuch, JHB.

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